Bike Collection stencils

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Bike Collection stencils are a whimsical stencil set of bike, bike accessories and sayings, offering many unique ways to celebrate your love for all things bike! Whether you cruise along the trails at your own leisure or are heavy into sports riding, there's a bike and bike riding theme that will work alongside your own passion!

The bike is fully adaptable, so it can become a male / female / sports / cruiser.

Measurements: (more in picture #3)

  • Bike with flower basket - 6.6"h x 9.6"w.
  • Bike only -  5.8"h x 9.6"w.
  • Bike the Trails - 1.2"h x 9.6"w
  • Adventure Awaits - .3"h x .6"w
  • Dog - 1.5"h
  • Cat - 1.3"h
  • Rat trap and crate - 2"h x 2.8"2
  • Planted flowers - 2"h x 2"w

The bike accessories include a bike basket overflowing with flowers, a crate on a rat trap, two small pets ( a dog and a cat), and planted flowers. The flowers in the basket can also fit inside the crate if they are reversed.

The bike sayings include Bike the Trails, Bike Shop, Cruise the Trails, Mountain Biking, Bike Path, and Cycling Tours in a mix of larger and smaller letters to best fit your project.

Purchase options are below.

What you get:

  • There are 5 different stencils to choose from, each sold separately.

  • Picture #2 showcases exactly how the stencils come.

  • Project photos are for inspirational purposes only. No other supplies are included with this stencil.

Stencil purchase options:

  • A. Bike Kit - $34
  • B. Bike Shop - $29
  • C. Cruise the Trails - $29
  • D. Mountain Biking - $15
  • E. Bike Path / Cycling Tours - $15

Stencil Features: 

    • The bike is fully adaptable to become a male / female / sports / cruiser.
    • The flowers in the basket also fit in the crate if you reverse them.
    • The larger Bike, Shop and Trails lettering are all the same size so they can be used together.
    • This complete collection was designed with endless mix & match capabilities!
    • Our stencils are made from a heavy weight 10 mil, offering exceptional quality. 
    • They also come with unique registration marks, making positioning effortless.

    Stencil suggestions:

    • A simple way to paint (just) the bike is to stencil it all in one colour, then hand-paint in the finer details in other colours using a #6 artists' brush.
    • We suggest stocking a #6 flat and round tipped #6 artists' brushes for painting in the finer details in different tones.

    Project Ideas:

    Visit tutorial: Bike Shop stenciled sign with hooks HERE

    Learn how to make artistic and colorful bike art with a stencil!

    Visit tutorial: Create this whimsical bike art HERE
    By Beyond the Picket Fence

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