Currency, payments, shipping.


We are a Canadian company that sells in Canadian currency.

This includes our listed store prices and shipping.

I totally understand it can be a little confusing if you are purchasing in a currency other than Canadian. So here's how it works:

How Payment Works In Our Store

    1. After you add items to your cart, subtotal and add shipping, all your amounts will show in Canadian currency in our store, right through to final sale.

    2. If you are purchasing in a currency other than Canadian, your final conversions can be found on your own PayPal or credit card statements.


How To Estimate With A Currency Converter

  1. When you reach a subtotal in your cart, right before you make the final payment, enter that amount in an online converter to estimate what your final amount will be.

  2. Your transaction will still go through as Canadian right to final sale.

  3. Your PayPal or Credit Card on your statement will display your final conversion at their current applicable rates.

After Your Purchase

If curious, check your PayPal or credit card statement to verify the actual amount you paid. This transaction is done between PayPal / credit card and yourself. We are not given any of this information.

- - -

Payment Issues?


There have been some ongoing payment issues recently with PayPal, and we wanted to let you know we are aware.

The issues can come from so many variables, many from which are listed below. So here are a few things to try...

1. This store accepts Credit Cards and PayPal. If one doesn't work for you, please try the other. Credit Cards have always been successful.

2. If you are attempting PayPal, we recommend paying cash, not using your credit card. If using a credit card, best to go direct.

3. If you are having issues with PayPal, please call them at 1-888-221-1161 to verify that your account is set up correctly, that your credit card is current, and that you approve foreign purchases made from this Canadian based store. They have upped their security settings.

4. If you are having issues with your Credit Card, please call your bank, requesting approval for foreign purchases from this store, as we are Canadian based. Many banks have also upped their security settings.

4. Try again later. It often works!

If you are still having issues, please reach out to Donna HERE, verifying you are shopping from and what method of payment you are attempting.

- - -
We ship from Canada, through Canada Post charged in Canadian funds.
We pride ourselves on prompt shipping within North America which typically arrives in 2 weeks, give or take by a few days.
Anything outside of North America can take much longer, dependent on that country's customs clearing procedures . Please order out-of-country with acceptance of this.
All orders are shipped insured with tracking so you can keep an eye on delivery.

    ( Project source: Muddaritaville Studio Canadian Flag HERE - full tutorial is HERE )