Laundry stencil

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Get ready to tackle your laundry with the Laundry Wash - Dry - Fold stencil! This laundry stencil design is a bold and timeless addition to any style laundry room space, with a playful nod to old-school laundromats. The subtext adds a touch of personality, transforming it into a market sign style.

What you get:

  • LAUNDRY Wash - Dry - Fold FJ28S and FJ28L are 1-piece stencils offered in 2 sizes.

  • Picture above showcases how this stencil comes.

  • Project photos are for inspirational purposes only. No other supplies are included with this stencil.


  • Large stencil text: 6.25”h x 25”w
  • Small stencil text: 3.75"h x 15"w

See pictures for more precise measurements.

Stencil Features: 

  • Our stencils are made from a heavy weight 10 mil, offering exceptional quality. 
  • They also come with unique registration marks, making positioning effortless.

Project Ideas:

DIY laundry room drying rack with a vintage ironing board

Learn how to build the Pipe Laundry Hanger HERE

For more photos or ideas, visit all stencil tutorials HERE

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